Leisure & Hospitality

Forum contracts work closely with clients to tackle the build, natural environment, and management of the development of the leisure and hospitality industry.

Project Management

Forum’s project management thrive in the Leisure & Hospitality sector. With a huge number of our jobs falling into the industry we are well prepared to gladly provide our clients with advice and support from the project start up through to handover.

A quick and stress free build is what our Project Management work hard to deliver.

Exterior build

Our extensive range of long-term clients has allowed us to perfect our craft. Leisure & Hospitality exterior design is the perfect blend of creativity and thoughtful planning.

At Forum Contracts, we understand the importance of a perfect building to represent your brand. Which is why our team ensure they listen to and meet your needs.

Interior build

Interior design within the Leisure & Hospitality industry should promote comfort and relaxation. 

With experience in various different sectors of the industry Forum are confident we can cater to your requirements.


“It has been a pleasure to work with Forum over the last couple of years, nothing but spot on with every job they have done for us. A top contractor who we give full credit to. The attention to detail is incredible and I will be in contact with all franchisees regarding them”
Ben Dixon
Head of Property
“We have used Forum Contracts to fit-out our first 2 gyms with a view of continuously using them as part of pour growth plan. We have also used Forum Contracts on many commercial and retail developments. ”
Jason Russell
Projects Director

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