Health & Safety

Health & Safety Statement

It is our aim to achieve a working environment which is free of work-related accident, incidents and ill-health and to this end we will pursue continuing improvements from year to year.


Our company policies underpin our commitment to:

  • Ensure our employees return home unharmed to their families at the end of each day
  • Ensure other people are not harmed by our activities
  • Protect the environment by working in ways that will not compromise it for future generations
  • Use quality management to reduce business risks, increase customer satisfaction and drive continuous improvement

Our Commitment

Forum Contracts dedicated Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality department provides comprehensive training, support and checks to ensure the work we carry out complies with the Health, Safety & Environmental legislation and approved codes of practice, standards and guidance.

In everything we do, we strive to meet and exceed our customer’s and our own SHEQ requirements.

Our Clients: