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Let's get ready to RUMBLE RUMBLE

Home to the likes of Conor Benn, Craig Richards and Richard Commey, TW1 boxing gym holds both current and former champions of the sport. Located in the heart of Ongar, Essex, all ages, standards and backgrounds are welcome with open arms offering various classes such as kids, intermediate and adults which are accompanied alongside a monthly membership.

Our sponsorship will help aid the infrastructure for TW1’s mission on giving to the local community, improving mental and physical health, developing the upcoming youth and offering a place for all people to interact. 

Operations Manager Ted Forbes (middle) stands with former WBO Middleweight Champion Jason Matthews (left) and TW1 owner Billy Whitrod (right).

This summer Operations Manager Ted Forbes will be looking to make his senior debut with TW1. He added: ‘It’s such a great place to come, the atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door gives you a lot of confidence. Everyone respects each other and that’s what I like about it. I’ve learned and still am learning a lot from Bill, not just in boxing but mentally as well. Anyone who is looking to develop their boxing skills, TW1 is the place for you.’ 

Giving Mental Health the Right Hook

With boxing being a stand-alone sport, it can be quite lonely sometimes. However with the independence it holds, boxing and TW1 offers all the support it can to athletes whether your a world champion or novice. With 35% of elite athletes suffering from mental health issues, boxing allows you to decrease stress and boost confidence with its competitive and empowering requirements.

TW1 recently sent out a strong message in regards to mental health: ‘Anyone out there struggling, TW1 boxing gym is here for you. We can help in all different departments, it’s not just about the boxing. Reach out, you are not alone.’ Forum would also like to encourage anyone out their struggling with mental health reaches out to Bill and the TW1 team.

Former WBC, WBO Champion Nigel Benn with TW1 owner Billy Whitrod.

If you are interested in getting involved or want to ask any questions, you can contact TW1 by calling on 01277 368368 or drop them a direct message on their Instagram page @tw1_boxing.

Find out more on how boxing improves your mental health here:

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